Easy way of researching Amazon products on your phone

Have a convenient tool in your pocket for instant access to sales data. Don't miss a potential million dollars idea on your way home


Discover ideas for launching a new product with sales information and make sure that all your beginnings are successful


Look through Amazon products with the most accurate sales information. Compare them and find the right one!


Potential product? Don't miss it. Add it to your favorites, so later you can choose the best product from another good options

Sales & Revenue

Get accurate sales information of any Amazon product. Instantly check monthly revenue for better market understanding

Revenue Per Review

Get one of the best available sales metric instantly! Higher RPR - better selling opportunities

Barcode Scaner

Just use your phone camera for scanning barcodes and get information about this products on Amazon

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Seller Insiders

Our software will be an amazing addition to your Amazon researching tools. Got a new idea? Check it, save it, launch it!

Beginner or best seller, this application can help you scale your business to higher levels. Be on top while your competitors are wasting their time with old ways of researching routine.

Search Autocomplete

Get Amazon recommendations for search queries. Also you can browse your search history

Keyword Suggestions

Get keyword suggestions for any product or search based directly on Amazon customers

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    Awesome Product. Use this tool on a Daily Basis to research products. Fantastic!

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    great software lots of really useful content available keep up the good work!

  • Amelia Earl

    Seller Insiders is a great tool. Thank you


Boost your Amazon research and successfully launch your next product with Seller Insiders

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  • Barcode Scaner


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  • Barcode Scaner

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